Complete Maintenance, Installation, and Repair Services

As an added value to our clients, Paradise Services now offers minor and major maintenance, repair, and installation services homes, condos, and commercial facilities.

We can handle all of your regular routine maintenance needs.  As routine maintenance we replace air filters with Merv 8 high-quality filters and light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs as needed, we check and replace batteries in all remotes and smoke detectors and small appliances, clocks, etc…  We can even program new remotes and install new TV’s or other electronic devices as well.

We also offer services for your electrical and plumbing needs. We are able to troubleshoot and repair electrical shorts, unstop toilets, adjust toilet fill valves, replace toilet flappers, install towel bars, unstop sinks, drains, and garbage disposals, repair leaks, or schedule an outside vendor for any of these areas if needed.

We are also able to adjust or replace door hardware such as striker plates and doorknobs.  We can re-hang bi-fold closet doors and adjust or install cabinet hardware such as hinges, door knobs, etc…  We can help load and move furniture and appliances and are available for pick-up, delivery, and installation.

We offer services for repairing and installing sheetrock, painting, and tile work.

We offer quarterly billing for those who would like regular checking and repairs, or hourly billing.

All needed repairs will be reported to the owners and repairs will be made upon approval.

For more information on our residential and commercial maintenance, installation, and repair services or to speak with a representative from our company, you can fill out a Contact Form / Request Quote Form online, or call us at (251) 974-1280.